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Gain the skills needed to become a top performing Medical Billing and Coding Professional. AlliedRx Institute of Healthcare Medical Billing and Coding Certification program provides students with an interactive approach to learning.

AlliedRx students learn how to perform every aspect of a Medical Billing and Coding job role and come out of our institution prepared, ready and willing to lend a hand in the healthcare industry.  This program offers simulation activities that allow students to develop their skills and bring the textbook to life. 

14 Week Program

NHA/ AAPC Approved

$54,712 Avg. US Salary

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Next Semester Starts February 27th!

Daytime Program: 10:00am to 1:00pm

Monday Classes

Evening Program: 6:00pm to 9:00pm


We Offer this Learning Option at our campuses located throughout the United States. Virginia is our headquarters with a campus in Henrico.

Get access to interactive learning, Medical Billing & Coding Simulation Labs and more.

Remote Live or Online

Need a Bit More Flexibility? Our Remote Live Instructor Led Classes or Self Paced Online Classes allow students to get the full experience of a Campus Class from the comfort of your home.

Get access to interactive learning, online billing & coding simulations and more.

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Program Information

Program Structure

The Medical Billing & Coding Program is consists of a didactic and  simulated teaching methodology. Students will be able to perform the entire billing process upon completion of our program.  

Program Description

Purpose: This program is designed to provide the technical knowledge and skills, along with the practical experience, needed for employment as a Certified Medical Billing and Coding

Specialist. Assisted by specialized computer equipment and software, medical records coders analyze and interpret the patient’s record to determine the proper standardized codes that represent the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. These codes may be used to create accurate standardized records, to maintain health statistics, or for billing purposes. The need for medical records coders will continue to increase as the health field continues to address reimbursement challenges and move toward a focus on quality improvement related to health care services.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will be eligible to take national accrediting exams offered by National Health Career Association, AAPC

Occupational Objectives: Medical Billing and Coders work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, insurance companies, and government agencies

Admission Requirements: 18 Years of Age

Core Courses

Fundamentals of Insurance

This introductory course provides students with the basic principles and foundation needed to understand health insurance. Student will learn about the history of healthcare in the United States of America, concepts regarding healthcare, compare and contrast HMOs , PPOs, POS, individual and group insurance. Students will also learn about Medicare and Medicaid’s regulations regarding coverage for healthcare services and reimbursement. Ethical issues in the healthcare billing environment and how to prevent claim denials with accurate medical coding.

Fundamentals of Medical Coding

This course teaches students to identify and assign appropriate diagnosis, procedure codes and modifiers for healthcare reimbursement. Students will learn how to utilize ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS to assign appropriate codes to a medical claim. Students will also learn how to apply the guidelines and importance of proper documentation for the processing of clean medical claims

Career Roles

The medical billing job description is pretty straightforward: create and send medical claims for the insurance companies and the patients.

The medical biller is responsible for reporting accurate information to the insurance company so the patient can be billed for the correct amount—no more, no less. Once the insurance company has paid its portion, medical billers are also in charge of getting the remaining bill drawn up and sent to the patient.

Other medical biller responsibilities include following up on unpaid claims, clarifying discrepancies, arranging payment plans for patients, obtaining pre-authorizations for certain procedures, reviewing bills, confirming eligibility, and more.


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